How to cope with dry facial skin

How to cope with dry facial skin - Having a healthy, beautiful and gentle skin is everyone's dream, but sometimes many things cause the skin to be dry and unhealthy. Even if the skin is experiencing severe dryness can cause the skin to become irritated. To overcome the dry skin, of course we must know the things that can cause dry skin.

How to cope with dry facial skin

One factor in the body that causes dry skin is to diminish even the loss of natural oils on the surface of the skin. Reduced or even loss of natural oils on the surface of the skin can be caused by consumption of food intake as well as bad habits that can result in dry skin. Even the wrong skin care can lead to dry skin.

How to cope with dry facial skin

The usual action when dry skin is usually used bodylotion or moisturizers to make the skin feel more moist and not dry anymore, and consume a lot of water. However, the use of moisturizers or bodylotions only give a temporary effect that then the skin will become dry again.

To keep your skin healthy, moist and not dry a lot of ways you can choose to treat your dry skin in addition to using moisturizers. Here are some ways of overcoming dry skin naturally, with the following natural ingredients your dry skin will disappear and return healthy and moist back.

How to cope with dry skin naturally

1. Avocado fruit, banana and papaya

Avocados, bananas and papaya besides famous with good fibers for digestion, it turns out these three fruits have benefits for beauty one of which is to cope with dry skin.

You can use the fruit of the alpuket, banana and papaya as a natural mask to prevent dry skin. It is quite easy, which is the fruit of the alpuket, banana and papaya that is ripe in the mix into one. After that, mash the fruit mixture until smooth.

If it is smooth, apply on the body parts such as hands, feet, neck, face and other dry skin area. After that leave for approximately 15 minutes until dry. Rinse with warm water. For optimal results, do it twice a week.

This first way is quite easy Sist, with natural fruits you can already eliminate the problem of dry and dull face that makes you illfeel. But alas, these three fruits when put together has a scent that for the first time people try can make a little nauseous. I myself rarely use this mask because my nose is a bit sensitive with the pungent aromas I am more pleased to use Aloe Vera/Aloevera.

2. Apples

Apple fruit is famous for its benefits that can rejuvenate the skin, making skin stay healthy. Inside the apple fruit contains potassium and tannins that are beneficial to keep the skin moist so that the skin is not easily dry and keep skin glowing.

To keep your skin healthy, you can use Apple fruit as a remedy to cope with dry skin. It is very easy, namely shredded apples, then the pulp of the grated result is applied to the body or dry skin parts. If it is 20 minutes, rinse using cold water.

This second way I have been compressive and the result is quite noticeable, my skin is no longer dry and the humidity level increases, but it will be free if the Apple you use contains pesticides because Apple masks using meat and skin parts Outside to maximize its usefulness. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, you can have an allergic reaction to pesticides.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber has a good substance for skin health. That's why many beauty products use cucumber as its main ingredient. If you have dry skin, there is no need to use beauty products at a decent price, just use the pulp from the grated cucumber, then apply on the face or dry skin area. Let it soak for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

4. Egg yolks

Eggs are not only used as foods that are rich in proteins. Eggs can also be used as ingredients for the beauty of hair and skin. For those of you who are experiencing skin problems especially dry skin, you can use egg yolks as an alternative to treating dry skin.

It is by mixing 1 teaspoon of egg yolks with 1 teaspoon of honey as well as 2 teaspoons of powdered milk. Stir the sampe evenly to form a paste. Apply on the body as well as other dry skin areas. Let stand up to approximately 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

5. Honey

Honey is well known for its good benefits for the health of the body and skin. Honey has benefits in keeping skin moist as well as being able to brighten and brighten skin. Even honey is often used as a remedy to keep the lip moist. Well, if you are experiencing dry skin, can use honey as a remedy.

It is by mixing half a teaspoon of honey with a little rose water. Apply on in the area of dry skin. Let stand up to 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Honey is known to be a natural ingredient that is not only good for the health of the body, but also excellent for facial skin, but do not try to use a fake honey or that already contains a mixture. Because when using a mixed honey it is likely to draw a reaction to the skin. According to say this event is quite potent but its a problem is currently very difficult to get natural honey without a mixture. So to date I use Aloevera more often.

6. Almond Oil

Want to have a naturally beautiful and dry free healthy skin? Almond oil is one of the most potent alternatives. In addition to some of the ingredients mentioned above, Almond oil is one of the best natural ingredients that has a potent benefit in overcoming the skin, especially dry and cracked skin.

The way is easy, just apply a little almond oil on the face, dry skin area even the whole body. Use before bathing.

Almond oil has a very similar content to which we can find on sunflower seed oil, both of these oils are famous to be very potent to remove dry skin. But for the price problem, almond oil is much more expensive than sunflower seed oil and the almonds are very difficult to obtain in Indonesia. Until now I more often use sunflower seed oil.

7. Lime

Lime is undoubtedly its benefits for skin health. Besides being beneficial for treating acne, lime serves to cleanse the skin so that the skin will appear brighter.

In order to keep your skin healthy and not dry, use a mixture of lime and a mashed alpuket. Apply on dry skin, let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Well, some tips for natural ways to overcome dry skin can be applied as a beauty skin care that does not need to spend a large budget.

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