How to cope with oily facial skin

How to cope with oily facial skin - Having oily facial skin is certainly not a pleasant thing, besides the uneasy because it interferes with appearance, the face is also easily affected by acne. It is caused by dust or germs that attach to an oily face.

Many mention if someone has an oily face then that person will have a more youthful face. This is because our skin is always moist and it is not easy to be irritable and dry, although there is no research that proves the thing. But one clear, oily face has a high incidence of acne disease.

How to cope with oily facial skin

In addition, one of the obstacles for women who have an oily face that is when already wearing makeup and face oil, then the makeup will be messy and make the face look like a clown, hehe. This kind of thing that often makes women become uneasy and not pede have oily face.

Some causes of oily face

1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in the body is one of the causes of oily face. Usually a person during puberty or pregnant will have a hormonal imbalance so that the skin produces excessive oil.

2. Choosing the wrong beauty product

Apparently, skin beauty products are not always good for your skin, because if wrong in choosing beauty products then it is not impossible to make your skin oily. You should first understand the type of skin you do not come from using products that have not been trusted and the trust is tempted by advertising scattered.

3. Excessive stress

Stress not only triggers you to be depressed, but it can also make your facial skin oily. As long as we stress then the body will produce excessive oil on the skin, this is due to the form of response to stress.

4. Reduce fatty foods

Consuming excessive fatty foods is not only bad for your body condition but it can also trigger the face to be oily. Reduce food-oily foods, Suhur can be avoided.

5. The Descendants

Is your family an oily face? If yes, then it could be the cause of excess oil on your face is a hereditary factor.

6. Weather

One of the causes of oily face is weather. The changing weather that causes the rising temperature will make the skin produce excessive oil to maintain its moisture.

Well, for those of you who have an oily face do not go to kesalon just to remove oil in the face, because in addition to the treatment is expensive, the way is not necessarily successful and may have a side effect on your skin. As for example irritation on the face.

A natural way to remove oil on the face can be done to solve problems on this face.

How to naturally remove oil in the face permanently

1. Cleansing the Face

The first way to cope with excessive oil on the face then you are required to diligently cleanse the face at least two three times a day. Because if not diligently cleaned, pollution and dust that stuck in the face will clog the skin pores so that it will cause acne on the face. It is recommended to use herbal soap to keep your skin free of harmful chemicals.

2. With egg white mask

Egg whites are a very potent natural way to remove the oil on the face permanently, egg whites are also beneficial to remove blackheads on the face quickly.

I myself want to try this egg mask but unfortunately already have the same like the same mask Aloe vera (point bonus) which results in the new Plasticity Walah 1 Kalin usage.

The way of making is very easy to separate between the yellow and egg whites and then take the Puithnya. Shake the egg until foaming and immediately make a mask, then wait approximately 25 – 30 minutes, then rinse using warm water. For best results use the Kampung chicken eggs. Do this on a regular basis to produce maximum results.

3. Apple Masks

Apples are a kind of fruit that is rich in benefits because the content is very good for the health of the body. But in addition to consumption of apples can also be used as masks to overcome excess oil in the face.

The trick is to provide one piece of apple and then blend it with 4-5 tablespoons of honey. After the two ingredients are mixed and smooth then make a mask, rinse with warm water after 25-30 minutes. The anti-fat content in apples is able to remove impurities in the face and eradicate acne.

Well for this third way I think it's very good for a career woman because the use of apple masks alone can be used 1 once a week, which is so the problem is you have to use natural honey instead of honey that has been mixed with chemical materials such as processed honey. This is to prevent you from negative reactions when your Skin is exposed to the mixture of processed honey.

I myself afraid if pake honey make a mask because now hard to find the original honey. So I still prefer to use aloe vera,

4. Celery leaves

Celery is usually used for flavoring of cooking by housewives, whereas celery has its other beneficial benefits to remove excessive oil on the skin of the face. It's easy enough that you just have to prepare the celery leaves that have been displayed until smooth enough, then soak in hot water for approximately 20-30 minutes.

After that, refine the bath water and then let stand again for approximately 25-30 minutes, just after that you apply the cold celery water, then your face. Allow it to soak and dry, then just rinse with clean water. Do this twice a day on a regular basis to get maximum results.

For this fourth way you should be willing to spend a longer time of about 1-1.5 hours due to the manufacturing process that takes time. In addition, unlike the Way 2 & 3 This fourth way you should do it at least 2 times a day for maximum results.

Although this way is very potent but I myself do not really like this way because I have a spare time that is arguably a little bit as not have the time to prepare this marinater celery.

5. Lime

Lime can also be a mainstay to cope with excessive oil on your facial skin. How to take one lime fruit then cut and pack the water, because here we do not use his water but the skin. Stick the lime peel on your face evenly with a little gentle massage, after 25 minutes please rinse with clean water.

Repeat this 3 times a week to get the best results. Lime can also be used to remove stubborn acne scars on the face.

Well that's some way to remove oils naturally and permanently that you can try at Home

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