How to treat Hemorrhoid

How to treat Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid or haemorrhoid is a disease that occurs caused by a disorder of vascular dilation (vein) in the rectum. This disease is generally suffered by people who are mostly seated.

Hemorrhoid disease or haemorrhoids can actually be prevented by getting used to drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters a day, consuming fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit, and doing bodybuilding to stimulate bowel movements.

How to treat hemorrhoids naturally

1. Mangosteen Skin

Nowadays, the middle purple fruit becomes a warm talk in various circles. Not because it tastes delicious and sweet, but the skin part contains many of its remarkable efficacy in health.

It has effective benefits in treating various diseases including hemorrhoid disease. No wonder, many come across products for medicinal hemorrhoid made from Mangosteen.

Now, you can make your own herbal medicine with the way to boil the mangosteen skin that had been dried first. Water consumption of mangosteen peel is routinely so that your hemorrhoid can be recovered.

2. Soursop leaves

Can be seen using soursop leaf herb as an alternative treatment is increasing sharply. You know, the good news of these soursop leaves can be utilized for hemorrhoid herbal remedies.

To make it easy, prepare 10 pieces of clean-washed soursop leaves. After that, boil the leaves together with 3 glasses of water until boiling. Leave the water for about two glasses. You can heal your hemorrhoid by drinking the soursop herb in the morning and evening on a regular basis.

3. Aloe vera

Besides can be used to treat hair, it turns aloe Vera can also be utilized for herbal medicine hemorrhoid. The trick is to take a few pieces of aloe, wash clean and then blend using a blender. After being a juice, add the gambier powder and norite to taste and stir well. If you have, you can apply the herb to your anus area or your hemorrhoid lump.

You can also do other ways. Blend the aloe vera using the grated, then add a glass of hot water and 2 tablespoons of honey. After stirring well, you can filter and drink the result.

4. Plant Cocor Duck

Did you know that the Cocor Beber plant has a farmatolgis effect that serves for anti-inflammation, stopping bleeding and reducing swelling.

To make the herb herbal medicine hemorrhoid using this plant you can use more or less 20 leaves of Cocor duck, clean wash and then diangin-Anginkan until dry. After that, you can get them into smooth until the powder is formed.

How to presentation, brew the herb in one cup of hot water added with honey to your taste. Consumption of the herb 3 times a day for the results of Makismal.

5. Handeuleum leaf (purple leaf)

In the Madura region leaves Handeuleum called Karatong, while the area of Bali called it with Temen. This herbal medicine hemorrhoid Handeuleum has the Latin name Latya graptophyllum pictum L. Griffith. In ancient times, this plant is often used as raw vegetables or can also be steamed to make vegetable.

If you want to utilize handeuleum leaves to reduce the hemorrhoid, you can prepare 7 leaves of handeuleum, 1 teaspoon of fennel powder and half of the Pulosari fingers. After that, boil all ingredients with 2 cups of water and boil until you leave 1 glass.

For people aged 3-4, you can consume it 3 times a day. As for mild hemorrhoids you can drink the stew 2 times in a day. For more favors, you can add Temulawak slices to the stew.

6. Pagoda Flowers

Not many know that the pagoda flowers have the efficacy to heal the hemorrhoid. This one interest may have you seen, but you don't know the name of the flower Drai.

Now, you can make a hemorrhoid herbal remedy using the pagoda blossoms that can reduce the symptoms of your hemorrhoid. Combine the pagodas with 2 cups of water. After that you can redeem it for approximately 20 minutes. When going to consume the herb you can add honey when in consumption in the morning and evening.

7. Root Kangkung

Did you know that the Kangkung believed in the past to help relieve hemorrhoids symptoms. And the best Kangkung to be used as a herbal medicine hemorrhoid in the root part of the Kangkung unplug. You can choose the root of the Kangkung unplug, wash it then boil until wither. Applying it, you can use the boiling water to be used to wash and clean the anus that has a hemorrhoid lump.

Besides the way of presenting above, you can also present in other ways such as:

  1. Take some hand-held kangkung roots, after that add 1 teaspoon fennel, pulosari 1/2 finger sections. Boil all ingredients together with 2-3 cups of water to leave 1 cup. Let stand briefly until slightly cold, strain and consume the herb 2 times a day.
  2. Take and wash a small handful of kangkung roots and boil together 3 glasses of water to boil and set aside 1.5 glasses. You can consume half a glass every day.
  3. Urang aring

Urang aring plants are beneficial to nourish hair to look thicker and healthier. But behind the benefits, Urang-aring has another benefit as a hemorrhoid herbal medicine.

To poison it, prepare 7 Urang aring fruit, 7 leaf leaves, 7 sheets will be a Chinese check and 1 wood ules. Boil all the ingredients together with one glass of water until boiling, then strain and add with 1 tablespoon of genuine honey.

For maximum results, the consumption of this herb is 2 times each day in the morning and evening.

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  1. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that are found in the lowest region of your rectum and anus. Some of the time, the walls of these blood vessels stretch so far apart that the veins show signs of inflammation or irritation, particularly when you excrete. Swollen hemorrhoids are likewise called piles . One of the most widely recognized reasons for rectal bleeding is the presence of Hemorrhoids. They're seldom risky and generally clear up in a short period of time; however you should seek consultation from your doctor to ensure, that it isn't anything critical.