6 Benefits of Guava

6 Benefits of Guava

For fruit lovers, consuming guava may be ordinary. This fresh, sweet fruit has a lot of seeds, as its name suggests. This fruit has a variety of colors such as pink or pink and white. The most basic benefit of guava is its high content of Vitamin C. Many benefits of guava for healthy body.

Guava is called as Super fruit because it contains 30 calories more each portion. Even the calorie 3 fold more. In addition, the fiber content of this fruit is also very high.

6 Benefits of Guava

Some other content also contained in guava

1. Potassium

Potassium found in guava is able to maintain heart health, so that heart rate will work healthily. Potassium is also beneficial as a blood pressure regulator, so that blood pressure will remain healthy.

2. Lycopene

Lycopene content in guava is beneficial to keep the skin from ultraviolegt rays harmful. Because protecting the skin is very important, so consuming guava is highly recommended.

3. Folate

Folate content is very useful for pregnant mothers. The reason folate can prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects. So for pregnant mothers are encouraged to consume guava fruit, because it is a healthy fetus.

In addition to these three content, guava also contains other nutrients such as enzyme superoxide, manganese, copper, Mineral magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, niacin and pantothenic acid.

The benefits of guava for health

1. Treating cough and fever

The high content of Vitamin C in guava can prevent a person from being infected with viruses and infections. Decoction of guava leaves and guava juice is able to reduce mucus when coughs. In addition, this fruit is useful as a disinfectant that will inhibit microbes in the respiratory tract.

2. Treating diarrhea

Guava contains astringents compounds that protect the digestion of diarrhea. The process of healing diarrhea is to inhibit microbial growth and excrete mucous in the intestines. Not only that, this guava also contains potassium and carotenoids that will strengthen the digestive system.

3. Overcoming Constipation

Constipation is a condition where one difficulty defecating. For those of you who are experiencing this problem should not worry. Because guava contains high enough fiber, so it is very potent to prevent the coming of constipation. The benefits of guava this one will make defecation smooth every day.

4. Maintain Eye health

Guava fruit is a fruit that contains A high Vitamin A carrot. The content of the vitamin is this makes guava can maintain eye health. When the need for Vitamin A is well-fulfilled, the vision will be optimal. Not only is the sense of sight that this one will also be spared from the eyes of minus, plus, cataracts, or other eye disorders.

5. Maintain thyroid health

The thyroid is a function that controls the production of hormones. Therefore, the health of these glands should be observed. One of them is by consuming guava. Because this fruit contains copper substance that can maintain the health of the thyroid gland.

6. Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is feared by everyone. Therefore, many people are competing to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes. Guava fruit contains compounds that can lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Therefore, diabetics often consume this fruit every day. Not only that, besides treating guava can also prevent the coming of the disease.

That's what you can know about the benefits of guava. Because guava tree is a tree that is very easy to grow, it does not hurt if you plant this tree on your home page. Hopefully useful.

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