15 Benefits of potato for body health

15 Benefits of potato for body health

Talking about the benefits of potatoes, perhaps the one that is immediately crossed in your mind is that in some potato countries become the main staple food. Carbohydrate content in Plant type tuber-Umbian this one can be said to be very high, so it can be used as an alternative source of energy body to replace wheat or rice.

In Indonesia, potatoes are also one of the foods that are consumed by first processed as a side dish to eat or be used as a soup. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that only a handful of people are aware of the efficacy in potato bulbs. So the utilization is also limited as a foodstuff only.

Potato content

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic acid
  • Mineral
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Karetonoid
  • Polyphenols
  • Solanin Substance

Potato benefits

1. Preventing Alzheimer's

Dementia such as Alzheimer's disease is generally an elderly person, but it is undeniable that there are many factors that cause people in their productive age are also at risk of being infected with Alzheimer's. The disease is characterized by decreased brain function as well as cognitive function which includes memory, speech, vision and also nerve paralysis in the sufferer.

To prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's, it can consume potatoes as an alternative. Research mentions that this tuber contains alpha-lipoic acid and coenzyme substances. That serves to help improve cognitive function. While in patients with Alzheimer's, potatoes can be a solution to prevent the paralysis of brain and nerve function.

2. Preventing Heart disease

One of the factors causing heart pain is due to the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels that make it clogged. If you want to avoid heart disorders, you should not have a healthy snack with potatoes. This tuber has no cholesterol content at all if not cooked using cooking oil.
By diligently consuming potatoes, it can improve cardiovascular health. This is because the potato bulbs contain anthocyanins that serve as natural antioxidants. In addition, the content of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber in potatoes is also very useful in supporting therapy or treatment of patients with chronic heart disease.

3. Prevention of Hypertension

A health expert named Shilpa Arora mentions that potato bulbs contain 100 calories, but the nutritious or absence of potatoes is also determined by how to cook it. If boiled, then the benefits gained will be greater because the nutritional content is maintained. Unlike fried, which will make potatoes have cholesterol content.

Research proves that potatoes are very good to be consumed by hypertension or high blood. This is because potatoes can neutralize sodium levels in the body. In addition, the content of chlorogent acid and anthocyanins therein also efficacious to regulate blood pressure so that it remains in the normal number.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

In a book called Healing Foods is mentioned, that potatoes have anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effects that serve to help to isolate inflammation or wounds within. For example stomach acid, inflammation of the throat and so on. Therefore, if experiencing inflammation it is advisable to consume boiled potatoes regularly to relieve the pain.

5. Overcoming indigestion

The digestive tract of the human body is very vulnerable, consuming spicy food and hard texture can inflict wounds inside. If this happens there will be indigestion. To overcome this, it can be done with potato benefits. The mineral content, potassium and fiber in potatoes will overcome the gastrointestinal disorders.

6. Overcoming Insomnia

Consuming boiled potatoes believed can be a powerful way of overcoming insomnia. Tryptophan in potato bulbs is a natural herb to help sleep more soundly. Its potassium content also gives the effect of relaxing muscles so that the quality of sleep increases, and you avoid severe insomnia.

7. Lowering cholesterol levels

For people with high cholesterol, then potatoes can be used as an alternative source of carbohydrates to replace rice. The content of potassium that sums in potato bulbs are believed to be potent in lowering cholesterol levels. This is because potatoes do not contain any cholesterol at all so it is safe to consume.

8. Overcoming Kidney Stones

One of the causes of kidney stones is because the body consumes less vegetables and fiber. If you are in the period of healing this one disease, it is recommended to consume many potatoes. Magnesium content in the Umrah can be a shield to reject the iron and calcium to be trigger.

9. Preventing cancer

The deadliest disease in the world can be prevented by consuming potatoes. Contains a variety of vitamins and active compounds. Potatoes can be used as a potent weapon against the formation of cancer cells in the body, especially prostate cancer. The content of Vitamin B6 potatoes also helps reduce the spread of cancer cells in the sufferer.

10. Maintain Dental Hygiene

Potatoes are one of the favorite foods consumed by all ages, especially toddlers. But do you know why it's like being a tradition? In addition to having a soft texture so easy to digest, potatoes also contain potassium and calcium. Which has a great efficacy in helping to maintain dental hygiene.

11. Maintaining Bone Health

The calcium content of potato bulbs has a very large influence in maintaining bone health and protecting it from early aging processes. Not only that, potatoes also contain magnesium and fofor which proved much needed by bones. Therefore, the king will consume potatoes so that the bones remain healthy, especially the seniors.

12. Overcoming Acne

Have stubborn acne recurrent? Don't panic, now you can use potatoes as a natural herb to overcome them. Vitamin B6 content in potatoes serves to treat acne. While its anti-inflammatory will relieve swelling and sore due to inflamed acne. It's also easy, just slice the potato and paste it on the skin with breakouts.

13. Brighten Skin Tone

Having a bright and clean skin tone is please everyone. Not a few are willing to drain the pockets in order to make it happen. But now you no longer need to use chemical products, because the skin can be obtained with a potato mask. The content of vitamins and proteins that are in the potato efficacious nourish the skin so that the regeneration of the skin goes smoothly.

14. Smoothing the Skin

Potatoes can be used as an alternative to safe and nutritious herbal masks. The content of Vitamin C in its umbtion proved to nourish the skin. So regular use of potato masks can help to soften and protect the moisture of the body. For maximum results, then barengi by consuming potatoes too.

15. Preventing Premature Aging

The benefits of potato in beauty the most famous is as anti aging. By applying a regular potato mask to the face, it will help to disguise the fine lines and wrinkles. The content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in potatoes is very potent to rejuvenate the skin, thereby preventing premature aging.

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