Benefits of bamboo leaves

Benefits of bamboo leaves - The benefits of bamboo leaves are not known, especially in Indonesia. In fact, the leaves of the grass-type plants that live in this tussock have many efficacious efficacy. There are a variety of health problems that can be prevented and resolved by consuming water stew or the brew of bamboo leaves. And of course, the herb is guaranteed safe for the body.

Benefits of bamboo leaves

Bamboo utilization is generally only limited to the use of the trunk as a building material, and shoots the bamboo to be used as a vegetable. As for the leaves are allowed to grow and just fall out, although it can actually be utilized as a health solution. Because bamboo leaves contain several chemical compounds that can be used as medicine.

Content of bamboo leaves

  • Vitamin
  • Chlorophyll
  • Flavonoids
  • Polysaccharide
  • Amino acids
  • Microelements
  • Potassium

Benefits of bamboo leaves

1. Keeping Liver

Liver is one of the organs of the human body that has a very important role as a natural detox. If the liver experiences interference, it can be fatal to the health and even life of a person. If in the process of healing liver disease, it is recommended to consume water decoction of bamboo leaves regularly to restore its health.

2. Coping with Kolestorel

The high levels of bad cholesterol that exist in the blood can trigger other chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease. Therefore, in order to avoid these unwanted things, it is recommended to drink the brewing water of bamboo leaves regularly. The content of compounds that exist in this potent efficacious in lowering cholesterol levels so it returns to normal.

3. Overcoming uric acid

Uric acid is caused by high levels of acidic substances in the body. In addition to causing severe pain in the sufferers, the disease can also interfere with daily activities. The content of active substances in the bamboo leaves is efficacious to lower acid levels so that it is back neutral.

4. Overcoming bloating

One of the causes of stomach to be bloated is because it enters the wind, so the stomach grows. Besides causing uncomfortable feelings, this situation can also make seseorng difficult to CHAPTER. To overcome this, then can drink water stew from the bamboo leaves so that the wind that is in the stomach can come out. And the stomach becomes back to normal.

5. Blood circulation

If during this time you have problems because the circulatory system is impaired, then consume the result of water decoction of bamboo leaves will help overcome it. The natural compounds contained in the bamboo leaves have the efficacy to improve blood circulation so that health remains awake. One is to restore the performance of the heart to be more optimal.

6. Overcoming hypertension

As it is known that hypertensive disease can have a bad impact on the health of the body so it should be resolved immediately. Bamboo leaves are rich in potassium content that has the efficacy to lower high blood pressure. Consuming the herb from bamboo leaves can help maximize the work of the vascular system and maintain its health.

7. Drug Cacingan

Intestinal worms generally occur in children, although they do not close the possibilities if adults also experience it. If left continuously, it can interfere with health and inhibit the growth of children. To overcome it, it can give a brew water of bamboo leaves regularly. The compound content can remove worms from the body.

8. Treating Urinary Tract infections

The occurrence of infections of the urinary tract is usually caused by viral factors, bacteria, germs, or lack of water consumption. It is what then triggers the onset of heat and pain during the urination process. But now there is no need to panic, because it can use bamboo decoction as an alternative to natural herbs that are safe to be consumed periodically.

9. Overcoming indigestion

When discussed specifically, this indigestion is a lot of it. For example, diarrhea, constipation and so forth. To attribute the problem, the benefit of bamboo leaves can be used as a practical solution. Just take a few sheets of bamboo leaves and boil, after boiling, just filter the water of the stew and can be drunk immediately.

10. Heal Ulcers

Having ulcers is not desirable to everyone. In addition to causing disturbing feelings due to itching, ulcers also often produce unpleasant odor and can interfere with appearance. To heal it, it can use the bamboo leaves collision and rub it on the ulcers. It can accelerate healing and prevent infection.

11. Relieves painful menstruation

Pain during menstruation or the accident can be very disturbing. In some people, the situation can last for long periods of time with unbearable pain. Therefore, to avoid that, you can drink the water of bamboo leaves before entering the menstrual period. So the pain can be minimized.

12. Treating Dengue fever

Dengue fever caused by a mosquito bite called Aedes aegypti is generally subjected to damage to platelets. If you are in this condition, you can drink the water of bamboo leaves to accelerate the healing process. The compound content of this leaf has the efficacy to repair cells in the damaged red blood.

13. Removing plaque on teeth

The incidence of plaque that makes yellow teeth usually occurs in a coffee addicts or other caffeinated beverages. To restore the tooth color, you can use the bamboo leaves that have been pounded finely as a substitute for toothpaste. Regular use will help lift the plaque and also make the teeth appear whiter and healthier.

14. Prevents Stroke

Factors cause stroke disease There are various, for example because of blood circulation is not smooth or has a history of hypertension. To prevent the occurrence of stroke, it can be done with regular drinking water decoction of bamboo leaves that have been filtered before. The content of its compounds is able to help solve the problem.

15. Treating throat ulcers

Suffering from sore throat can feel very painful, especially if the pain is coupled with swelling. To overcome this, you can drink the water from bamboo leaves in warm conditions. This traditional herb contains anti-inflammatory substances that serve to relieve pain and soothe the inflammation in the throat.

16. Cure a cough with phlegm

Suffering from cough has become very irritating, especially if coupled with phlegm. If you or relatives suffer from cough with phlegm that do not heal, then you can drink the water of bamboo leaves to overcome it. The benefits contained in the bamboo leaves are able to help relieve itching on the cough, as well as excrete phlegm.

17. Prevents dehydration

Dehydration occurs due to a fluid-deficient body. This can happen if there is too much physical activity in the middle of hot or less drinking weather. To prevent this, drink water from the brew of bamboo leaves regularly. The benefits of bamboo leaves can not only prevent the body from dehydration, but also restore stamina.

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