Dragon fruit benefits for sufferers of high cholesterol and hypertension

Dragon fruit benefits for sufferers of high cholesterol and hypertension

High cholesterol disease and hypertension is a disease that we should not. There are several factors that can cause the occurrence of stroke diseases such as high cholesterol and hypertension. But now you do not have to worry, consume dragon fruit regularly every day can prevent the occurrence of stroke and able to cope with high blood pressure (hypertension) and also high cholesterol.

High cholesterol, triglycerides and other fats are indispensable to maintain the structure and function of the body's cells. However, excess cholesterol and fat circulating in the blood vessels can increase blood clotting tendencies. Blood clots that occur in the brain can result in stroke. In addition, high cholesterol is also proven to increase the risk of stroke, one study reported that men and women who have high triglyceride levels tend to be very susceptible to stroke symptoms.

Meanwhile, hypertension is one of the causes of stroke that many people do not realize. Hypertension can cause hardening and thickening of the artery walls of blood vessels and this condition can cause blockage of blood vessels in the brain. The cause of stroke in people suffering from hypertension is a blocked blood vessel that breaks down suddenly as a result of continuously receiving high-pressure blood flow. Consequently, the brain is thus filled with blood and strokes caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the brain called hemorrhagic strokes.

Dragon fruit Benefits for high cholesterol & hypertension

Dragon fruit is a fruit that only grows in tropical and subtropical regions such as in South America and Asia. This dragon fruit has a skin that resembles a dragon scales that is a mythical animal. This dragon fruit is now often encountered in a fruit handyman, besides often used as a mixture of ice fruit, this fruit has a light color and good to eat directly.

Dragon fruit is not only popular with its taste and color and its unique shape, so the dragon fruit is very favored by the people and Dragon fruit is the best fruit that we easily get in Indonesia. In addition, the dragon fruit is also rich in benefits for Lhoo health. One of them is to overcome high cholesterol and also hypertension as well as able to prevent stroke disease attacks.

Medical high blood treatment can be done. However, these drugs must contain chemicals that can give you less good side effects. To overcome and normalize this high blood or hypertension, now you can use natural materials such as using dragon fruit for people with hypertension. Sarah's height or hypertension can cause other health problems such as heart disease, even stroke.

While the existence of cholesterol in the body will be dangerous if not prevented, and we should also pay attention to nutrient content of food that will be consumed. Otherwise the Koleterol will accumulate in the body and the amount will not be balanced between good and also evil. Utilizing dragon fruit to overcome this cholesterol is one of the right way, because in dragon fruit contains compounds that are able to bind cholesterol. By consuming this dragon fruit then indirectly will occur blood flow cleansing so that the cholesterol that clog the arteries will disappear.

In addition, dragon fruit also contains Vitamin C, antioxidant and flavonoids that can dissolve blood arteries so that the blood flow will be smooth and it will make us avoid hypertension. In addition to containing vitamin C, dragon fruit also has vitamins B1, B2, and B3 that can increase appetite and lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood that could trigger high blood pressure. In addition, the fat content of both in the Dragon fruit is able to help to reduce the levels of bad fats that can interfere with blood flow, so that it can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Eating dragon fruit routinely this day can prevent the occurrence of stroke diseases. Stroke can occur due to blood vessels clogged due to the non-yielding blood flow. To cope with high blood pressure (hypertension) or high cholesterol, you can consume dragon fruit by means of eating directly or by means of juice without additional sweetener or can be added with the original honey alone. Drink as often as possible dragon fruit juice so that the benefits can be obtained optimally

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