How to treat hypertension

How to treat hypertension - Do you know if hypertensive disease is dangerous? Hypertension or more commonly called high blood pressure occurs due to the heart that pumps the blood excessively so that the artery walls are not able to accommodate blood volume. One with hypertensive disease tends to be attack if it experiences such a shock, emotional overflow, and some trigger activity increases heart rate.

How to treat hypertension

Normal blood pressure in humans in general 90/60 mmHg up to 120/80 mmHg. But these numbers can differ depending on the condition. However, if a person has blood pressure already exceeded the number 130/80 mmHg then it can be said that he is exposed to high blood pressure. Be careful, start having a healthy lifestyle because hypertension has the potential to cause other diseases.

How to treat hypertension

Usually people with age above 50 are most vulnerable and are at risk of this disease. If there are symptoms such as chest pain, frequent fatigue, nose bleed, snoring ears, frequent dizziness, and irregular heartbeat, you should check your health. High blood can cause other harmful diseases such as cancer, stroke, renal failure, and others.

How to Overcome hypertension

If the doctor has to diagnose you with hypertension immediately find the solution precisely. Do not depend on the drug – the chemical drugs because it can give harmful effects to your kidneys. Then, how to overcome this high blood pressure? Please refer to some of the ways below that may be able to provide your health solution.

1. Stop bad Habits

Start by stopping the unhealthy lifestyle you are living in. Bad habits with an unhealthy lifestyle take on a big role as to why you can get attacked by this disease. What is included in an unhealthy lifestyle? Junkfood, eating high-cholesterol foods, reluctant to do sports, often consume soda, and too much intake of salty foods.

2. Implementing a healthy lifestyle

It feels trivial, but it is difficult to practice it in daily life. Start with a small exercise in the morning, have a regular breakfast and drink milk (a good milk skim or goat milk), avoid eating fatty and high cholesterol foods, consume fruit and vegetable consumption, avoid ready meals, reduce salt in Your cuisine, and of course rest enough every day.
Especially for food, if you need to make a list of what foods can be consumed and not. Paste in the kitchen or in the dining room as a reminder. Planning a menu for the next few days is also recommended that when cooking or eating later, you already have a guide that you have created and obey yourself.

3. Emotional Therapy

This therapy can be done at home. The trick is to do abdominal breathing exercises, relax the muscles – muscles, be patient, and learn to control yourself from emotional overflow. Although it looks easy, but it's hard to do too. This activity is helpful in controlling blood pressure and a cardiac pompaan. The therapy is also able to relax the body so that stress is resolved.

4. Try Herbal Medicine

The natural or herbal treatment has now mushinure and there are where, most importantly, the smartest choice to be precise. For example, there are now processed mangosteen skin medication, soursop leaves in various forms (tea, pills, etc.), herbal herbs, honey, and many others. Importantly, be sure that the drug has BPOM permits, testimonials from consumers either, and does not contain many chemical elements.
It would be better if you make your own herbal medicines processed. Garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom are believed to be able to relieve hypertension. Make the herbal drink by boiling it to boil or the volume of water decreases. Then drink while warm and consume regularly. If you do not like the taste is not good, you can add honey or brown sugar to taste.

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