How to treat Spure

How to treat Spure

Spure is one of the diseases that is quite difficult to overcome. In fact, anyone can get attacked by this disease. In addition, when Spure attacks, of course, the pain is remarkable. Therefore, for those of you who are quite subscribed with it, need to know how to treat the most potent Spure.

In this case, there are several aspects that can cause Spure. The way to treat it so, there are a few things that could be your choice. Well, if you are curious about the list of steps of treatment against the Spure, do not worry because it is already in the right place. And for more information, check out the summary below.

What causes Spure

Before learning more about how to treat Spure, you need to know in advance what can cause Spure. Knowing it deeper, it will be easier for you to avoid Spure. And some common causes that can result in Spure are as follows.

1. Lack of hygiene in the mouth

The most likely thing to cause Spure and very rational causes are certainly oral hygiene problems. In this case if the mouth is not clean, tentun germs and bacteria will nest in it. If left continuously, it can result in some disturbance and Spure is one of them. It can even be a Spure that appears not only one.

2. Mouth injury or damage

The cause of this one will generally occur when the lips or tongue are bitten. The incident obviously left the wound and eventually resulted in Spure. In addition to being bitten, it may also be a broken mouth lining due to injury when brushing teeth. Or when consuming something hard and sharp that makes it hurt.

3. It is caused by certain medical conditions

You should know, some medical conditions related to the body, can also result in the occurrence of Spure. Let's say the most widely known in this case is when the body is deficient in vitamins. In addition, it can also be caused by iron deficiency, weak immune system, infected with viral infections and so on.

4. Drug Side effects

In addition to some of the above causes, for those of you who are currently consuming medicines, it is necessary to be vigilant with Spure. It could be the cause of canker is the drug being consumed. It can also happen for those of you who are in the treatment period. And some of the possible types are such as Nicorandil, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

5. Certain foods

Can not be in the Pungkiri, a person rarely pay attention to what he eats. Sometimes it is only complaining with his illness, without realizing that the cause is what is in his own consumption. So does Spure. In this case, it can be a kind of food such as spicy food and coffee is the cause of Spure both in the mouth and tongue.

6. Hormonal changes

If for a hormone-related cause, this is most common in women. All the time they have menstruation because at the time there is obviously a hormonal change occurring. In addition, it is not uncommon for a person to feel anxiety about something, have a big problem or in stressful conditions, they will experience Spure.

How to treat Spure with natural ingredients

For those of you who are often attacked by Spure, there are actually a lot of solutions that you can get for your suffering to complete soon. In fact, this method should touch the chemical materials by applying some natural methods of treatment of Spure. Definitely support natural materials too. And for the list you can see further below.

1. Honey

Honey is one of the most famous ingredients as medicine. In fact there have been many who prove that honey is really in the overcoming or preventing various diseases. Well, it turns out, honey is also very useful for people with Spure sufferers with its anti-bacterial content. The way of treatment also can be applied to wounds routinely.

2. Brine

Salt is also one of the ingredients that contains anti-inflammatory and antibakeri. It will certainly help relieve the pain of Spure. While treating Spure with salt water is very easy. That is, you just use it to gargle with time 1-2 minutes. When Spure you are Parah-parahnya, this way will be very beneficial.

3. Coconut

In this case, the coconut content is also very potential to treat Spure. While in the treatment, you can choose one between using coconut oil or coconut milk. The content in coconut itself is very useful in some aspects. Among them prevent inflammation, relieve pain, as a

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