List of medicinal plants and their usefulness for health

List of medicinal plants and their usefulness for health

God conferred the life of Man on this earth with his various provisions. Consciously or not, the presence of animals and plants is a human provision for survival in the world. Not only as a food ingredient, but also as a remedy against disease attacks. If you understand, jellies, and thoroughly all medications are readily available in nature.

Medicinal plants are found in a lot of surroundings. However, the basic human nature that wants everything fast then when they are affected by disease, they will immediately go to the doctor or pharmacy to get the chemical medicines. Whereas many side effects of the drug is precisely bad in human health. Where – which medicine from nature is the best.

Various medicinal plants around us

The following is a description of the different types of plants that you can rely on for the treatment of diseases that may attack you. Look good – Either the list below, if necessary you can record it.

This herb is widely utilized as medicine, especially its leaf part. The look is similar to betel leaf, its shape like Waru, but smaller. This leaf serves to lower blood sugar, suitable for diabetics. The way can be boiled until boiling, then drink the water regularly. Efficacy of this leaf is also proved as a wound healer. You can make it as fresh or stir-fried.

1. Mangosteen

Mangosteen is very popular for treating cancer, stroke, diabetes, and others. This fruit can be utilized both from skin and flesh of the fruit. Many flesh contains Vitamin C which is good for body resistance, preventing sariwan and helps prevent the coming of mild diseases such as flu. For the skin of its fruit, it is now widely extracted and formulated as an internal medicine.

2. Turmeric

Spices are potent to overcome skin diseases and help to facilitate the metabolism of the body. Those people have proved a lot that turmeric can help shrink the stomach and support the diet program. As a herbal ingredient, turmeric is believed to be able to refresh the body, overcome inflammation, aches – aches, and helps to launch coming months in women.

3. Black cumin

Black cumin is widely used as a spice kitchen. It feels a little bitter if eaten directly, but the benefits are huge. Cumin is believed to cure lung disease, stroke, and relieve hypertension. You can process them with brewed tea. Wait until the brew water is cold. Then, filter black cumin not to be swallowed when drunk.

4. Belimbing Wuluh

This sour fruit serves to relieve rheumatism, canker sores, sciatica, and Gondongan. Belimbing Wuluh Small and green in color is different from fruit Belimbing. To utilize it as a medication you can eat it instantly. If you can't stand it with sour taste, you can put it in cooking for example fish pepes and sour vegetables.

5. Grass

Grass jelly leaves are often consumed as part of the fruit's ice composition. Other than refreshing leaves can overcome various diseases such as fever, ulcer, diabetes mellitus, and tipes. Both grass and black are both the same – both for health. You can make your own grass by being muted – squeeze in the water. Then let sit a few minutes until the water thickens and grass is ready to eat.

6. Temu Lawak

Temulawak is often processed into a herbal medicine enhancer. In addition, this rhizome is also able to treat kidney disorders, maintaining the health of the heart and other organs, and can improve the digestive system. In addition to being processed in the form of herbs, you can boil Temu Lawak and taken the advice. Drink regularly for optimal results.

7. Bone Fracture

This leaves only look like stems that are green in color and shaped like Kris. This leaf is apparently widely utilized as a skin disease medication such as warts, cadas, until syphilis. In addition, the drug is also proven to cure rheumatism, cancer, toothache, hemorrhoids, and benign tumors. For its use you should consult in advance on the experts because of the weak turns toxic.

8. Celery

Apparently in addition to the ingredients of celery dishes are a type of medicinal plants. These vegetables are low in calories and contain a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and B1. The content of iron and Kalidan is also high so that it can treat high blood pressure, prevent cancer, restore appetite and avoid bile diseases. Besides mixing in the cooking, you can also make it a juice.

9. Aloe vera

It is no secret if this plant is able to treat a variety of skin diseases such as itching – itching, dermatitis, scabies, and other – others. Moreover, the primarily Aloe vera is mixed in the manufacture of shampoos because of its usefulness that is able to make the hair smooth and shiny. Aloe Vera meat is also widely used to treat constipation, diabetes, sore throat and heart disease.

10. Cat Mustache

This cat mustache is not the real meaning, the moustache cat is a plant that has flowers with a bottom that is similar to the cat mustache. This plant efficacious cure uric acid, urinary stones, cough, diabetes, hypertension, and in the wind. This plant is also often processed in herbal herbs to maintain healthy body. Many are also found in Jamu godhog (boiled) drinks.

11. Leaf Distance

Since the time of war, this type of leaf has been widely used to cure diseases such as itching – itching, fungus on the skin, rheumatism, and the swelling that occurs due to wounds. Saking Mujarabnya, even before the Dutch brought this plant to their nation. In some communities ' beliefs today, even these leaves are believed to possess mystical abilities.

12. Sambiloto

The plant has a scientific name of Green Chiretta and only grows in countries that have tropical climates such as Indonesia and Thailand. Efficacy of sambiloto leaves is to treat fever, heat, stomach pain medication, and diabetes. This leaf is also often used for the treatment and healing of diabetes because it can effectively lower the blood sugar levels.

13. The roots of Alang – Alang

In farming this plant is often regarded as a crop bully or weed. However, a study revealed that it turns out this plant is included as a medicinal plant because it provides many health benefits. It is supported by the many Chinese treatments that utilize this plant. The roots of Alang-alang can overcome stone urine, deep heat, nose bleed, vaginal discharge, and others – other.

14. Shy Princess

The plant that has the scientific name Mimosa Pudica is apparently giving many benefits in the world of medicine. Even the plants of the roots, flowers, stems, and leaves are all beneficial. Processed drugs with shy princess plants can cure hepatitis, rheumatism, cough, and prevent insomnia. You can immediately boil and drink the water regularly to get the benefits.

15. Leaf Kelor

The World Health Organization or the WHO crowned this plant as a miracle cure for children. According to various studies, these kelor leaves are able to improve the body metabolism, refresh the eyes and brain, smooth blood circulation, anti-inflammation, improve the function of the liver and kidneys, as well as the natural antioxidants needed by the body.

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