Papaya Leaf Benefits

Papaya Leaf Benefits

When hearing papaya leaves, surely the first one pictured in your mind is the natural bitter taste produced from this papaya leaf. But it turns papaya leaves have many benefits for your health as well as beauty. Papaya leaves are enriched with the content of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and calcium.

For those of you who want to give your skin treatment with natural ingredients, then you should try using papaya leaf as your alternative. Curious about the benefits of papaya leaves? Let's see this here!

Papaya Leaf Benefits for Beauty

1. Papaya leaves can treat acne

Acne is indeed a pretty annoying problem for the owner. But if you have been tired of trying different ways to treat your acne but no noticeable results. Then the benefits of papaya leaves this one you can try as a new alternative to overcome the pimples you have.

It's pretty easy, let's see!

  • Prepare papaya leaves that are young and fresh
  • Dry the leaves in sun exposure
  • Then add enough water and blend it like a paste.
  • The Pasta is so you can use it as a mask.
  • Apply on your face and let it dry in 10-30 minutes,
  • Wash and rinse your face clean

If you have a desire to recover from acne, then try to do routine treatment in this way

2. Papaya leaves for hair conditioner

In addition to having a clean face, having clean hair is a must for women. Because in believing the dirty hair can also trigger the oncoming of pimples on your body.

The benefits of this papaya leaf can be made as a natural conditioner for your hair to keep it smooth and shiny.

  • Prepare papaya leaves that are young and fresh
  • Add enough water
  • Mash until soft and textured like a paste
  • Mix with honey and a little coconut oil
  • After being used pasta as a natural conditioner

3. Papaya leaves to remove black spots

The benefits of papaya leaves this time suitable for you who already feel quite frustrated due to the black spots on the face is very stubborn and suilt fade.

Now, you no longer need to worry, the benefits of papaya leaves can make black spots on your face slowly fade even if it takes an uninstant time.

  • Prepare more or less three papaya leaves, and choose a fresh one.
  • Wash and dry the papaya leaves until wither.
  • Mashed leaves until smooth, add warm water to the paste.
  • If the texture is quite smooth and evenly applied, apply on the face as a whole.
  • Allow it to absorb and dry for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • Wash and rinse with water afterwards.

4. Papaya Leaves Smooth skin

Having a smooth complexion is indeed a boon, but for you the owner of dry and scaly type skin do not minder and worry.

Dry skin occurs because the water content in the body is insufficient to nourish the moisture of your skin. Papaya leaves are well-known to be rich in water content that helps keep skin smooth and moist. Well, you can process them into face masks.

  • Provide 2-3 pieces of papaya leaves that are quite old
  • Dried papaya leaves in sunlight exposure to wilt
  • Papaya leaf mashed until smooth
  • Add enough water and mix
  • Apply on all areas of the face

Well, having a pretty skin does not necessarily put out a lot of pay is not it? You can utilize natural ingredients around you as a way to keep your skin healthy. Good luck

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