Side Effects of beans

Side Effects of beans

The benefits of beans are very dominant compared to side effects. The side effects of Chicis are very rarely heard. But if you are sensitive to any of these effects, then you should also avoid consumption of beans too much. However, the case of side effects from Chicis is very rare, so you don't have to worry about consuming it.

Side Effects of beans

1. Phyroxic acid

Phytic acid is found in chicis, and this substance can cause nutritional deficiencies if consumed in excessive amounts. Phytic acid can bind to calcium, zinc, and various other important minerals so that it cannot be absorbed by the body.

Although the content of phyate acid in beans is very low, but if you have a condition that causes mineral deficiency, additional acid in your diet is not the right choice. To reduce the level of phyate in beans, cook it until cooked before consuming it.

2. lectin

Lektin is a carbohydrate-binding protein that is found in chicis, and this substance can cause various diseases of the digestive system. Chicish itself contains lectin in a lower amount of other foodstuffs, but nonetheless contained quite a lot of lectin in chicish too much consumption of pathway can cause many digestive diseases.

Even proteins can bind to the digestive system. Such as phylic acid, cooking beans with high temperatures and soaking in the water can reduce the content of pathway and make it safer to consume.

3. Allergies

As with other foods, some people may be allergic to chickpeas and other nuts. If you have allergies to nuts, consult your doctor to treat your food allergies.

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