Benefits of Honey as a Effective Remedy for Overcoming Ulcer

Towards Ramadan for those of you who have ulcer problems would be a problem in itself. Well, but you don't need to be confused. Your ulcer can be overcome by regularly consuming honey. Yup, honey is famous for its good nutritional content to treat all types of diseases.

Mix honey with warm water, then drink every day to overcome heartburn. As reported by Livestrong researchers assess honey can help the acid reflex that causes heartburn and helps soothe irritations in the esophagus.

"Viscosity of honey can help reduce symptoms of gastric acid. Honey mostly contains natural sugars which have been used as medicine for thousands of years, especially as an antibacterial," the researchers said.

Compared to milk, honey is an effective way to calm the injured stomach lining. Plus, because it has anti-bacterial properties, honey is also able to boost the immune system to protect the stomach and digestive tract from various harmful germs.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of real honey with one cup of warm water. Drinking warm honey water is better taken in the morning when you wake up and on an empty stomach to help cleanse the digestive tract, warm the body, and provide the body's initial energy for activity.

So, don't forget to provide honey for your endurance. Hopefully this information is useful and heartburn does not bother you to welcome the 2020 Ramadan.

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